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Full Service Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

For your Southern California office, a reliable commercial carpet cleaning service is a must. Your offices are the face you present to the world, and you need to keep that face looking bright and cheery.

The foot traffic through your office will wear out the carpet, dirty it, and make it look tired and old. When this happens, your office will start to look old and tired as well.

It’s time to call in the commercial carpet cleaning experts. If your office couches and chairs are run down, you can benefit from our commercial upholstery cleaning services as well!

When we come into your office for commercial carpet cleaning, we’re not just coming to give the carpets a vacuum. Our process is complex and thorough, and you’ll feel like you’re walking into a brand new office when you see what we’ve done.

Our Process

Step 1: Vacuuming — This is always the first step, as the vacuuming is necessary to suck up any dirt, soil from plants, dried mud from those rainy days, and even sand from the beautiful beaches of Orange County. Any particulates that have settled near the surface of the carpet, the commercial-grade vacuum cleaner will eliminate it quickly.

Step 2: Spot Treatment — There are a few areas that will need spot treatments, such as underneath plants(soil stains), beneath the legs of desks and chairs (rust), and around the coffee station (spills and food stains). These areas will be treated with special chemicals to loosen the stains. The high traffic areas will also be pre-sprayed, as they are the areas that require more thorough cleaning.

Step 3: Agitation — Agitating the carpet doesn’t just help to freshen it up, but it actually loosens up the stains that have soaked into the fibers of the carpet. The agitation will also ensure that the commercial carpet cleaning solution used penetrates deeply into the carpet fibers, where it will get to work killing off bacteria.

Step 4: Hot-Water Extraction — Once the cleaner has had its time to soak into the carpet and kill off the bacteria and dirt, it must be extracted from the carpet. Our commercial extractor will use hot water to rinse the carpet, condition it, and remove any excess water, soil, and soapy residue – leaving your carpet looking clean and fresh.

Step 5: Spot Treatment –The carpet has been cleaned, but there are always stubborn spots that still need work. We’ll go through and give it another spot treatment, removing any spots and stains that remain in the carpet after the extractor has done its work. (Note: Some spots will have been marked as “permanent” in the pre-inspection, and they may only be partially removed by the cleaning.)

Step 6: Grooming — The pile of the carpet may have become trampled and worn over the years of use, but we’ll groom it and fluff it up to ensure that the carpet looks fresh and new. The grooming will help to enhance the visual appeal of the carpet, and will actually speed up the drying process.

Step 7: Drying — High-speed air movers are used to speed-dry the carpets, guaranteeing that the drying time is as short as possible.

Step 8: Inspection — Once the carpet is dry, we’ll walk through and give it one final inspection to be sure that it’s up to the standard that you demand. After our inspection, it’s up to you to give you approval and sign off on the commercial carpet cleaning service.

Our Preferred Cleaning Products

Carpet Deodorizer — Carpets tend to smell musty and moldy after years of use, and cleaning the carpets will only eliminate some of the smells. Our carpet deodorizer will neutralize odors, eliminate the bacteria, and make your carpets smell clean and fresh.

Spot Cleaners — Some spots are stubborn, but our professional-strength spot cleaner will remove all but the most permanent of spots. It’s mild enough that it won’t damage the carpet, but effective enough for any commercial carpet cleaning or commercial upholstery cleaning use.

Carpet Protector — Our special carpet protection solvent will ensure that your carpet stays clean for longer, and will resist wear and tear, dirt, and spills.


If you live in the Orange County, Los Angeles or parts of Riverside area, give us a call today at (714) 827-5447 or (562) 425-4012 to see what we can offer your office.