Hard Floor & Surface Cleaning

Hard Floor & Surface Cleaning

Full Service Floor Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services that include floor stripping, seal & waxing services for both new and old hard surface flooring.  We use green cleaning products to offer you the most professional floor care services available


Understanding what goes into commercial floor cleaning is important, as it will help you to know what type of commercial tile floor cleaning service you need.

With so many flooring options to choose from, it may be challenging for companies to know which will serve their needs best. Here are the most commonly used types of flooring – as well as how they are cleaned:

Vinyl Composition Tile Cleaning

VCT is probably the most commonly used material, at least when it comes to resilient flooring. The tiles are 12″ by 12″, meaning that they’re easy to install and fairly affordable.

They come in a wide range of colors and shapes, but what makes them so popular is the fact that they’re easy to clean.

The tile is fairly porous, so it holds almost all of the commercial floor cleaning and finishing products used today. It’s a durable tile that is impact-resistant.

Sheet Vinyl Cleaning

Sheets of vinyl are between 6′ and 15′ wide, meaning they cover larger areas with fewer seams than tiles.

The vinyl sheets are easier to keep clean, as seams tend to collect dust and moisture more easily. It isn’t as durable as VCT, but it’s a lot more flexible.

Few commercial buildings use it, but those that do find that it’s a material that holds its finish nicely. The downside is that the vinyl is harder to maintain, and the worn out layer will need to be stripped before a new layer of flooring can be laid down.

Cleaning it with a neutral detergent is recommended for this type of flooring.

Linoleum Cleaning

Linoleum has been around since the 1800s, and it’s a tough material that’s made with natural ingredients.

It’s a rubber-based flooring, meaning that it’s eco-friendly. It looks similar to vinyl sheeting, but it’s a lot more durable.

It is a very porous material, so commercial tile floor cleaning services will need to keep the linoleum properly finished.

Neutral detergent is also recommended as the cleaning agent of choice, as strong chemicals can bleach the linoleum and cause it to fade.

Glazed Ceramic Cleaning

The durable surface of glazed ceramic tiles are chip-resistant, and the glazing provides those walking on the tiles with a lot more traction.

The tiles are easy to keep clean, and they are resistant to scratches and stains of all types. The beauty of this type of tile is that the coloring doesn’t fade, as the finishing protects the color.

However, no floor finished can be used on the tiles, and only an all-purpose cleaner or neutral detergent will clean the tiles properly.

Unglazed Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Quarry tile is another name for unglazed ceramic, a stone tile that is very durable. As far as maintenance goes, these tiles are some of the best and easiest to keep clean.

The tiles are often a deep red (brick), and they are commonly used in areas where food is being produced and served.

The tiles can be finished with any of the commercial floor cleaning and finishing products on the market, though it’s recommended to avoid finishes if the tiles are used in food-service areas.

Eccothane is a product that is highly recommended for use if the tiles are installed in stairways and halls, or a neutral detergent is another option.

Concrete Cleaning

While not usually beautiful, concrete is durable, practical, and long-lasting. It is usually covered with another flooring material, but plain concrete floors are becoming more popular.

Concrete floors with an acrylic finish are easy to clean, but applying the acrylic finish is always a challenge.


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